Heteronormative family violence against diasporic queer young people of color in Canada

Principal Investigator: Dr. Doris M. Kakuru Associate Professor, University of Victoria, School of Child and Youth Care
Project Summary

Queer adolescents and young people face unique challenges due to the heteronormativity inherent in their families and communities. These include rejection, homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, violence, and so on. Some previous international studies have investigated family violence against queer adolescents and young people. However, none of them have focused on diasporic queer adolescents and young people living in heteronormative families and this proposal will fill this gap. I will collect survey and life history data from queer adolescents and young people who have immigrated to Canada and faced violence from family member(s) as a result of heteronormative values. Inclusion criteria will be adolescents and young people aged 18-20, queer, immigrants and people of color, and living anywhere in Canada. In light of Covid-19 restrictions quantitative data will be collected using an online questionnaire. All interviews will be conducted either via Zoom video conferencing software or telephone. I will adhere to ethical guidelines for conducting research involving humans. Using a queer of color critique, I will conduct statistical and thematic analysis of the generated data. The project will fill a gap in scholarly literature on the nature and magnitude of violence inflicted by family members of diasporic queer adolescents and young people, and queer of color agency in a heteronormative family context. The research will propose possible strategies to resist queer denormalization by family members and provide the necessary information to write a proposal for a larger study.

Duration: 3 years